At Frontline we take the business of candidate selection very seriously. Our seven-point recruitment process is meticulously designed to ensure that you are provided with quality job candidates who meet the specific needs of your business. No business owner wants to be saddled with an employee who can’t or won’t do the job, so screening candidates is all-important. Here we take a look at some of the reasons why.

Getting the basics right

Before a candidate is invited to an interview, it’s vital to establish whether or not they’re genuinely suitable for the role. Whilst this might seem obvious, it’s worth getting the facts straight before going further. Why? Because, put simply, some people can be disingenuous about their work history. Others will apply for a role fully in the knowledge that they are unsuitable for it, often because they are desperate to find work.

As a business owner you will no doubt be looking for quality, reliability and experience from potential job candidates, and that’s why the following questions are key: Does the candidate have relevant (i.e. sector specific) experience? How long have they worked in the sector? Why did they leave their previous employment? At Frontline, all of these questions are asked over the phone before any face-to-face interview takes place.

The importance of attitude

It is an unfortunate fact of life that experience does not necessarily equate to reliability. A candidate may have many years’ experience in a particular industry, but are they hard-working? Are they always punctual? What, ultimately, is their attitude to work? It’s hugely important to assess a candidate’s attitude at the initial interview stage. People can give a false impression of themselves over the phone, but it is much harder to do so when put through a rigorous assessment process. It is also possible to glean a lot about a candidate’s attitude from the way they present themselves in an interview situation, which is one of the reasons why we stagger our screening process in this way.

Don’t be convinced too soon – get some proof

In the end, sourcing the best employees is all about being thorough. Basic checks aren’t enough, and nobody should be 100% convinced by a candidate even after a stellar interview. Following the initial interview stage we look for hard evidence of a candidate’s suitability. Their references must back up everything they’ve said about themselves. We also put potential candidates through pre-induction training so they can actively demonstrate their skills. It’s one thing to talk up your abilities and experience but quite another to actually show what you can do.

Our Guarantee

Frontline Recruitment prides itself on supplying you with the best quality job candidates to suit your needs. However, if you’re ever supplied with a temporary worker by Frontline who is deemed unsuitable to carry out a particular job, notify us within the first 8 hours and you will not be charged and a suitable replacement will be sent.