Frontline’s on-site recruitment division is particularly suited to high-volume users of staffing services. Our expert consultants work side-by-side with employers to manage their temporary workforce and liaise with stakeholders in the business, providing our clients with a flexible, responsive staffing solution. So, what are the benefits?

Quick, flexible and reliable

Need expert advice in an instant or have a high turnover of temporary staff? On-site recruitment is the solution for you. Having our consultants work on the ground makes the process of sourcing staff much quicker and much more flexible. As soon as an issue crops up, we’re there to help you – no need to visit our offices or engage in lengthy email discussions. And with our huge database of trusted suppliers and meticulous candidate screening processes, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that the staff we provide are perfectly suited your needs. Should anything go wrong, your on-site consultant will be able to source an alternative candidate immediately.

Tailored to your needs

Having a presence on-site allows our consultants to gain a detailed understanding of your business. As a result they are better able to tailor a recruitment strategy that works specifically for you. And if anything changes overnight – if you suddenly take on a raft of new contracts, for example – you’ll have instant access to a recruitment expert who will know precisely how many staff you need and in which roles.

A time-saving solution

Running a company can be a time-consuming and stressful endeavour, and sometimes certain areas of the business inevitably take precedence over others. On-site recruitment is ideal for employers who have a little too much on their plate, particularly at busy times of the year such as the Festive period. Our consultants will handle all of your temporary staffing needs so you are free to concentrate on other aspects of the business, saving you valuable time.

Lasting relationships

At Frontline we care deeply about our client relationships, whether we’ve worked with you for years or simply a few days. Using our on-site recruitment service is a great means of establishing a lasting relationship with us, as you’ll get to know our consultants on a personal, day-to-day basis and benefit from having their specialist, professional advice available on tap. If you feel that on-site recruitment could benefit your business, or if you’d like to know more, call Frontline today for a confidential consultation.