Our Recruitment Process

Frontline Recruitment offers a recruitment service that ensures you have absolute confidence in our recruitment and selection procedures. All candidates go through a thorough and traceable selection process, so you’ll be confident that when you call us, you’ll be supplied with candidates who meet your exact needs.

Here’s our seven-point recruitment process:

INITIAL TELEPHONE SCREENING; This is the first contact with the applicant and the selection starts here. The key qualification criteria are as follows: applicants must demonstrate continuous work history and relevant sector experience; have suitable work experience; reasons for leaving previous employment are checked; UK work eligibility is questioned; if everything checked is acceptable, potential people are invited to attend an interview appointment.

THE APPOINTMENT: Punctuality is assessed; an application form is completed with all personal and work related details; an ‘Understanding Instruction’ assessment is carried out; a medical screening declaration is also completed and signed; numeracy, literacy and skills assessments are completed; thorough checks to identify illegal immigrants are carried out.

THE INTERVIEW: All applicants are put through an in-depth interview by our specialist consultants: personal and work related details are checked and verified; attitude to work is assessed; in-depth questioning is steered towards understanding candidates work experience, and reasons for leaving previous employers are explored.

EVALUATION AND TESTING: Final assessments are made and references are taken up where possible to ensure only the best applicants move onto the next stage: overviews and reports on candidates are recorded; reasons for leaving previous employers are verified; skills test verification is carried out.

INDUCTION AND TRAINING: All applicants go through client specific pre-inductions to further satisfy their suitability to work. These can include: office support-skills tests; manual-handling and health & safety training, plus food hygiene training, testing and screening; workwear is issued where required; video inductions and dexterity testing; psychometric profiling; performance criteria explanations.

JOB MATCHING AND PLACEMENTS: Applicants are matched to jobs according to their skills, experience and ability. The fact that someone has been to see us is not one of the qualifying criteria.

QUALITY PEOPLE: A service level agreement is drawn up with the client. All people sent to you are monitored for punctuality and performance. Reviews are regularly carried out to maintain standards. Account management statistics are provided. Plus, the ‘Risk Free Guarantee’ covers all that we do for you.

Our Guarantee

if you’re ever supplied with a temporary worker by Frontline Recruitment, who is deemed unsuitable to a particular job, notify us within the first 8 hours and you will not be charged and a suitable replacement will be sent.

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