The office can appear to be dominated by the extroverts but that can hide the fact that it is often an introvert quietly wielding power, says So it’s all about understanding them and what they bring to the table. Take these four things into consideration before working with an introvert in your office.

1. Listen and don’t interrupt them
Introverts won’t always talk in meetings or the office. They will have put in a lot of thought about what they want to say before they do so, so it’s important to them for you to listen and take in what they’re saying.

2. Accept their silence and give them space
Just because someone isn’t talking every five minutes doesn’t mean that there is something wrong. Introverts just won’t have something to say about everything and won’t always get involved in office discussions. They’re not being rude, they’re just quiet.

3. Don’t push them
Introverts aren’t the types that will be easily convinced into doing something, so if they don’t show up to company events, it’s just because they wouldn’t see that as a fun thing to do. There’s no need to keep bringing it up in the hope that they will change their mind, as they most likely won’t. Encourage them to work to their best ability, which sometimes means working from home where they don’t have to be surrounded by other people.

4. Make an effort with them
Although you might be the life and soul of the party, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get on. Make conversation with them and ask them about their interests. By doing so, it will make them open up with you and feel more comfortable in the office. If you’re pleased with their work, give them a small offering of appreciation like a card. A big gesture would make them feel embarrassed and will put them off working hard in case it happens again.