With the General Election rapidly approaching, employers will be looking closely at each political party to examine who will give them the best deal on employment matters going forwards.

But what should businesses be calling for?

  1. Certainty towards Brexit

Brexit is the biggest issue facing businesses right now, and every company owner’s biggest priority is access to the best staff. Frontline is monitoring the run-up to the Election closely in order to give the best advice possible to both clients and candidates. Post-Election, the landscape will shift towards Brexit negotiations, and the free movement of the workforce throughout Europe, as well as overseas workers already resident in the UK. The new government will have to very quickly lay out its position on migrant workers to reassure businesses and keep the economy buoyant.

  1. A National Insurance subsidy

The new Governments needs to start listening to businesses, many of whom are calling for a National Insurance subsidy on employees for six, twelve or even eighteen months to ease the strain they’re experiencing. This can’t happen soon enough, in our opinion, and would go some way to stimulating extra growth in the economy.

  1. Reform of the tax regime

Frontline has long called for a complete review the entire tax regime. This labyrinthine system needs to be made much simpler and easier to understand, and a flat rate should be introduced. This would leave businesses to get on with the task of creating further jobs.

  1. Slash red tape

The exit from the EU will be divisive, but one thing it does give the new government the opportunity to do it is abolish the myriad regulations that have been imposed on UK businesses by the EU. Red tape has been a burden on business for too long. If the new government is serious about making Brexit a success, then he needs to look at and reform the legislation that hinders human resources and recruitment.