We’re hearing a lot about the panic that businesses are suffering because of Government inertia over a Brexit deal, but for those of us at the coalface, we’ve found the reality somewhat different.
While there definitely needs to be certainty over a Brexit deal so that businesses can plan ahead, business owners are much more willing to flex than they’re being given credit for.
What’s more, new figures show that new jobs are still being created.
This is illustrated perfectly if we take, for example, the recent unemployment figures across the East Midlands, where we have four offices.
Latest figures from the Office of National Statistics show that the number of people in work across the East Midlands rose by 20,507 in the three months to December compared with three months earlier.
In total, 2,303,915 were in work across the region, up from 2,283,408 in the period from July to September.
The figure was 8,456 up on a year earlier and 13,753 higher than two years ago, according to figures released this morning by the Office for National Statistics.
What these numbers show is that unemployment also increased, meaning a rise in the number of people available for work and the ability for growing companies to create new jobs – despite the uncertainty of any Brexit deal.
What we are finding when talking to new clients is that they have been finding it difficult to match suitable client to the right job, which of course is where Frontline’s experienced and knowledgeable team comes in.
While none of us know yet the what the aftermath of 29 March holds in store, what we do know is that businesses across the UK will still need the right people for the right job. Give us a call so that we can help you join the dots.