Just three weeks on from the general election and the government is in turmoil. Uncertainty reigns, but with the experts here at Frontline on hand to look after your recruitment needs, there’s no need to worry unduly. Here, we consider what’s next for the UK.

Let’s get moving
The election result came as a surprise to most pundits, with many now questioning the wisdom of Theresa May calling a snap election at such a crucial time. But amongst all the confusion, much remains unchanged. Brexit is still the number one issue facing businesses today. With the free movement of workers a major concern, business owners will be looking for assurances that the imminent Brexit talks will not be jeopardised as the post-election fallout drags on. The government needs to set out its immigration plans swiftly and clearly, so the news that the Conservative party has quickly reached an agreement to form a government will come as a welcome boost.

No Hard Brexit?
It has been said that the idea of a “Hard Brexit” is now dead in the water, and, thankfully in our opinion, we will soon discover what is to become of our membership of the single market. A swift resolution can only be beneficial to the UK economy, and clarity over the kinds of trade agreements we will be entering into is needed to guarantee the country’s long-term prosperity. The current negotiations will also have a massive impact on recruitment, what kinds of jobs are available, and in which sectors. One thing’s for sure, we’re likely to see some big changes in the recruitment landscape – call Frontline if you’re unsure how they will affect you.

Business tax
When a general election results in a hung parliament, the ruling party runs the risk of being blocked as it attempts to pass key legislation. Although the Labour Party’s plans to raise Corporation Tax look unlikely to happen in the near future, can we say with any certainty that the broadly pro-business policies outlined by the Conservatives will be implemented in full? Will business tax be cut? Frontline has called for a wide-ranging review of the tax system. Whichever party holds sway needs to find ways to facilitate job creation, and, moving forward, we believe a simplified tax regime is an absolute must and should be a top priority of the next government.

If you have any concerns about staffing and recruitment in light of the election outcome, Frontline can give you answers. Our experts will be more than happy to help.