As we approach the height of summer, we could be forgiven for putting our staffing rotas to one side and heading outside to enjoy the warm weather. However, Christmas will be upon us in a flash, and as every business owner knows, the festive season can present significant staffing headaches. It’s time to put down that Mojito or glass of Pimm’s and start thinking seriously about the tricky months ahead.

Contingency plans

The key to ensuring you have enough staff over the Christmas period is, in the end, relatively simple: make contingency plans. It is not just a question of planning your rotas, working out how much work will need to be done, and so on. It is essential to have backup options for when things go awry. As in so many areas of business, flexibility is crucial here. No firm wants to be caught short at a time of increased demand. For many businesses the festive season tends to be marked by high staff turnover as employees take holiday leave, students come and go on temporary contracts, or else the workforce succumbs to coughs and colds. Therefore it’s imperative to take a flexible approach to staff planning – sticking to too rigid a plan will leave you with nowhere to go if things go wrong.

Here at Frontline we are experts in sourcing quality staff at the last minute, but we can also help you with longer-term staff planning. Our experts can show you how to put contingency plans in place today – it is, after all, never too early to think about your staffing plans – leaving you free to concentrate on other areas of your business when Christmas eventually arrives.

Going for growth

Ask yourself where you want your business to be as the festive season gives way to January. Are you looking to expand next year? How many additional employees will you need? These are all questions you should be thinking about now. Any successful expansion requires careful planning, and June is as good at time as any to get cracking, not least because the festive season itself is such a hectic time. Plan today if you want to avoid making rash or half-baked decisions at what is generally regarded as the toughest time of year for businesses.

Don’t fret – call the experts

The best way to prepare for the seasonal rush is to consult those in the know. If you are concerned about a potential shortfall in staff numbers this Christmas or need advice on how best to put staffing plans in place, call Frontline today for a confidential consultation.