Employers often need to take on new workers at short notice. This could be due to a sudden dropout, legitimate sickness or absence, an unexpected big job or simply the nature of your industry. At Frontline we work with a network of trusted suppliers to guarantee you the best quality staff no matter how quickly you need them. Here we present our top tips for sourcing last minute employees.

Be flexible

It’s important to be flexible in the world of temporary employment. Workers who are able to adapt their schedules and skillsets to accommodate the demands of the market are much more likely to pick up work. However, employers can also benefit from taking a flexible approach to staffing, especially where the need for last minute staff arises. If applicable, consider offering alternative working hours and options to work remotely. This way you’re more likely to find someone who can step in at the eleventh hour.

Get signed up

Our sister website Staffbay.com offers the complete recruitment process completely free of charge. Thousands of employers and prospective job candidates can instantly view the potential staff and jobs that suit them best, and as an employer you can even deal with candidates directly via the site. By using Staffbay you will know straight away which people are available to work there and then, what skills they possess and whether or not they’re qualified for the role. Sign up today and we guarantee you’ll see the benefits immediately.

Don’t settle for second best

Last minute needn’t mean substandard. Sometimes desperation causes us to make a snap staffing decisions that don’t quite work out – we’ve all been there. But with the experts at Frontline on hand and resources like Staffbay to assist you, you can get a fast track to the best quality candidates every time. Why settle for second best when you can get instantaneous access to the most suitable candidates for the job, and all the relevant information about them at the click of a mouse?

And finally…

If your business relies on shift work, it’s more than likely that last minute cancellations are the bane of your life. However, there are ways you can actually reduce the number of cancelled shifts in the first place. Ask your employees to give adequate notice of any absences so you have enough time to source a replacement. Putting something to this effect in their contract is a good idea. Secondly, with a little investment in tech you can set up an IT system that allows your staff to view everyone’s schedule and change their shifts manually – meaning someone can easily step into the breach in the event of a last minute cancellation.

If you have any queries about sourcing last minute staff, call Frontline today for a confidential consultation.