Frontline Recruitment is celebrating a record month after placing 524 new candidates into jobs during the month of September.

The figure is a record for 2016 and is a massive 34% more than the same period in 2015.

The news comes as the unemployment level in the UK remains at an 11-year low, as Frontline’s co-director and co-owner points out – despite the concerns for the economy after the EU Referendum, employers are still demanding reliable staff as and when they need them – and that those seeking ways are willing to be more flexible.

Tony Wilmot, director at Frontline Recruitment, said: “Our figures are a perfect reflection of employers’ reliability on the flexible workforce to help accommodate seasonal demands and peaks and troughs in their customers’ demands.”

He added: “It just goes to show how important a flexible workforce, correctly managed, vetted and screened is to the UK economy and its productivity.

“We know that the workforce across the UK is very adaptive to change and we have the knowledge and contacts to tap into that pool and fulfil the staffing needs of our clients in the area.

“These new figures go to show that we’re fast becoming the go-to agency for flexible employment, and that candidates are seeking more flexible ways of working.”

The news comes on the back of significant expansion for Frontline Recruitment, which last month merged with free-to-use website

Frontline has plans to expand further as it moves to become the fastest-growing “one-stop shop” for recruitment.