Choosing a flexible way to work is not uncommon in todays society, but both temporary and permanent work both come with pros and cons.

Dependent on the job role, you may be offered both a temporary position with the chance of this running onto permanent, if you are offered this then you are most certainly in a good position.

Temporary work can be a fixed contract over the space of one day to 12 months, it is just a matter of how long your employer needs you to work for them. Furthermore, referring to the employer, temporary work can be easily budgeted and it can be tweaked.

Advantages of Temporary work

  • You can earn a lot of money quickly and you can earn more money than most permanent jobs.
  • It gives you flexibility and you can get out of working a typical 9-5 job.
  • If you’re unsure about what you want to do with your career, you can test out your chosen career path.

Disadvantages of Temporary work

  • A wage is not guaranteed, therefore you may find yourself out of money.
  • Temps do not have the rights in regards to sick leave or holiday pay, this all depends on the company you work for.

Advantages of Permanent work

  • Permanent work offers financial security, and you can receive peace of mind, as you know exactly what you will be earning.
  • You feel more involved in the team.
  • You also have more career opportunities.

Disadvantages of Permanent work

  • You may not feel that you have a social life, as you are require to work unsociable hours.
  • You are stuck in a routine, working the same hours.
  • If you do not read the small print you may be stuck in a job that you do not like, and you might have to give a notice period if you want to leave.