With National Apprenticeship Week taking place from the 7th of February to the 12th of February, Frontline would love to share and celebrate the apprentices that they hold as well as highlighting the amazing work being done by the apprentices and how dedicated they are.

Jessica joined Frontline Recruitment Derby in October 2021, she joined the Business Support Administration Team through our valued partners, Babington College. Jessica is studying Level 3 in Business Administration and has quickly become an asset to our branch located in the Strand Arcade, Derby. Jessica was born in Venice, Italy and moved to the UK with her family when she was 9.  Jess lived in London for 6 years before moving to Derby with her parents and her older brother.

A word from Jessica… “I knew an apprenticeship was right for me and I was so excited after my interview and couldn’t wait to start.  It was great to hear that both of my colleagues, Lauren and Caitlin also started their careers in an apprenticeship with the same college and to see them progress into payroll and account management is amazing.  This gave me the confidence that Frontline was the best employer for me and if I work hard I will have a fantastic career ahead of me.  Babington have been excellent helping me with my studies and I feel not only have I joined a great team, but also made some lovely friends!” 

Aurezou joined the Nottingham team in September 2020, she is also studying the Level 3 Business Apprenticeship at Babington College.

She shares that “I can happily say Frontline and Babington helped me overcome a lot of different obstacles that I probably never saw coming if I did it myself.”

Frontline has helped build the person who Aurezou is today, as she is a shares she has become a confident person and she can bring so much more to the table. Aurezou mentioned that she would not have been able to do everything she has completed, without her apprenticeship and her mentor, as they have helped her along the way to become mature and very strong-minded.

A comment from Aurezou – “It really has been a pleasure working here. I absolutely love my colleagues, they all make me laugh so much.”

Joshua Clayton joined the Frontline team back in March 2021, he was a builder laborer for his early years, showing that he has always been a committed person. When Joshua became a new dad, he wanted a change to share that he has aspirations, so he began a career in recruitment and he hopes to progress through the business.

Joshua is now half way through his apprenticeship he is doing very well and he has learned a lot at Frontline. Thomas Hartree the Business Manager at Leicester has shared “I am very pleased with his performance to date booking client meetings managing staff and filling bookings very well.”

Amy has been at Frontline team for over a year now after starting in November 2020.

She is nearly at the end of her Business Administration Level 3 and “she has the view to be our second apprentice in Leicester to get a distinction”, as mentioned by Thomas Hartree.

Amy’s role in Leicester is in payroll and has built up to being one of the best payroll administrators in the business. As well as her apprentice, she has helped train new starters on payroll and also helped to improve processes.

Frontline are extremely grateful for each apprentices in each branch shared, as they bring so many strengths and we acknowledge these as a company. Frontline are so please with how outstanding the apprentices have been over past year.

Frontline believe that they are helping build the future of these individuals, as their skills are being developed and they are being shown throughout the businesses, Frontline believe that they develop a talented workforce and their individuals are ready for the future of work.