Mental health at work is so important as we believe that everyone thrives in a work place where they feel comfortable and happy. We are are only human beings and as a business we understand that life is difficult at times and work is not a priority when we are down in the dumps, but as we spend half of our time at work we ensure that our staff feel great about their job and work.

What we do to support our staff?

Our Branch Manager’s have weekly one to one catch ups with their staff members to chat and discuss their progress, the one to one is a private meeting and they will chat to discuss whether there are any issues at work, to talk about how they feel or to display any mental health issue that are causing disruption. We believe that a problem told is a problem halved.

We encourage a life outside of work, as we understand how important it is to have a fun life and to live to your fullest. We also love to have fun days at work to make our staff feel appreciated, such as celebrating birthdays, anniversary’s, as well as giving out praise to our staff members for their hard work. It is important to maintain positivity and to be supportive while working. Fun days help brighten people’s mood and the day!

Staff members are trained to help with mental health needs and challenges as we know how difficult it can be for people to open up and share how they are feeling, our staff members who are trained look out for signs of suffering, such as anger, emotions and absences.

It is very important to have a good work environment and it should maintain to be positive, we try our best to create a culture within our work place and by working as a team who continue to be supportive certainly helps.