The 8th of March 2022, it was International Women’s Day yesterday and the theme was Break The Bias.

We believe that it is important for the women within our business to feel comfortable within the workplace, we do this by sharing their impressive work and achievements. As we believe that motivation and support helps our employees progress.

We know that women want to work in a role where they can find meaningfulness and enjoyment in their job, which includes taking time to build on their personal values, strengths, life goals and passions. As a company that believes in being fair, we allow equal opportunities for women within our company, as well as systems in place to help them achieve success.

Did you know? That only 29% of women hold senior management positions in the world.

At Frontline we ensure that we have a diverse range of colleagues, this means for us that the women who work for our company are driven by belief, as we are a fair and equal business who want our staff to achieve. As a whole we have celebrated in International Women’s Day in each branch by joining in with the theme of this year, our female staff all took photographs with selfie cards to share the encourage and support for others.