A jobs fair is a place to meet many people, as an candidate or as an employer, it can help you meet plenty of different people, and you can network with people in your industry and become more aware of what everyone’s values are about.

Job fairs are events that are hosted by employers who are offering jobs, or they can be a temporary hub for employers to display information about their business, employee experience or even the positions they have to offer. Some job fairs specialise and focus on one industry at a time.

Job fairs can be so beneficial as you will be communicating with many people on a face-to-face basis, this benefits the employer and the candidate. Meeting new people as an employer shares your chance of finding a good prospect, and can increase the number of people who know about your company.

Tips of how to make the most out of a jobs fair as an employer.

  • Hand out business cards to possible candidates.
  • Promotional material, this will help people understand who you are and what your business is all about, displaying the company’s values and mission will help candidates remember who you are.
  • Be confident, and remember to smile, from the start to the end, there should be someone at your booth who is always ready to deliver.
  • Make sure you get the word out to people beforehand, so that people know that you are going to be at the job fair, be creative with the method of communication!
  • Train your staff and the people who represent your business, words and behaviours represent and reflect your organisation, let your recruiters become brand ambassadors by providing all the right information.