Writing a CV can be one of the most daunting and toughest things to do, but getting it right could help you achieve the role that you want, as a CV is the first document the employer will see so if you get it right it could secure you with an interview and help you get your foot in the door. Even though people see creating a CV as a stressful activity, it is actually one of the most easiest things to do once you know how to get it right.

Top Tips to include

1.Always start with your name, address and your contact details you will need to provide these as this is how the employer will get in contact with you (you could even add your LinkedIn profile).

2.Keep your CV simple, by sharing your most current roles from start to finish, keep a track of your employment history, experience, volunteering and anything relevant to the career of you choice, remember not to niche it down too much as this may hinder your chance of a job.

3. Make sure your CV is no more than two pages long as if more the employer may switch off and they might not see you as the right candidate, as you might overload them with too much information, remember to keep it short and sweet.

4. Do not leave gaps of employment, even if you have been out of work try to turn this around by adding positive elements into your CV, for example; developing skills, volunteering, studying etc. Shout about your achievements, including, skills, experience, education and training and even hobbies and interests.

5. Add keywords which are within the role your have applied for, adding buzzwords will help you stand out from any other candidate.

6. Make sure that the layout looks professional and it does not look overcrowded, you could use bullet points and short sentences to make it easier for the employer to read.

7. Make sure to check your CV over or get somebody else to read through to ensure that there are no spelling or grammar mistakes.

8. Include references or have these available on request as some people do not like to share this information.

Finally, always remember that your CV is about you and about how you sell yourself to the employer, the document should always be positive and show that you are the best person for the job.