What A fantastic day! Today as a team got involved in fundraising for Comic Relief, we set ourselves a target of £100 to see if we could beat this!

Your donation will help tackle poverty, take action against violence and bring an end to discrimination – in the UK and across the world. 

• £5 could pay to get 20 meals to vulnerable children and families in the UK.

• £10 could provide 20 reading books for children in community learning centres in Northern Uganda, where free pre-school services are very limited.

• £20 could provide a supportive coffee morning for families in the UK to share advice on caring for their child’s mental health.

Today each branch have had so much fun, Red Nose Day has fallen exactly on a great day especially with today being Fun Day Friday!

As you can see below we all have acted silly by wearing Red Nose Day accessories, as well as eating snacks and delicious food.

Frontline have raised altogether £107, and our target was £100, which is absolutely amazing!