Monthly Archives: April 2022

How to make the most out of job fairs?

A jobs fair is a place to meet many people, as an candidate or as an employer, it can help you meet plenty of different people, and you can network with people in your industry and become more aware of what everyone’s values are […]

Temporary work vs Permanent work

Choosing a flexible way to work is not uncommon in todays society, but both temporary and permanent work both come with pros and cons.

Dependent on the job role, you may be offered both a temporary position with the chance of this running onto permanent, […]

Tips to make the most of your workday

We believe that it is important to make the most of your work days, as you spend a lot of your time at your job.

Plan you day

1)One way in which you can make the most of your work day is to plan your day, […]

World Health Day 2022

The climate crisis is the single biggest health threat facing humanity. Did you know that 3.5 million people in the Western Pacific die as a result of environmental causes, such as air pollution, waterborne diseases and extreme weather events. Every 14 seconds a person […]

Stress Awareness Month (April 2022)

It is Stress Awareness Month, this has been held every April since 1992 to raise awareness of the causes and cures our modern stress epidemic. Over the last two years it has been the most challenging that we have ever faced and in […]